Sunday, September 12, 2010

 I never realised just how much I loved Australia until I lived overseas for a time.  While out shopping I would pray to hear an Aussie accent or at home I would miss Aussie TV, I longed for something Australian. Our country and the Aussie people are the most easy going of anywhere, the way we can laugh at ourselves and dont mind being laughed at is one of our special qualities.

My BED is my all time favourite place to be. I love snuggling in for the night, its the best feeling in the world. CAMPING I love camping, prefer going in good weather but you take what you get. When we go camping we usually go 4wding as well. Great people and great times. DANCING I have always loved dancing for as long as I can remember. I think the only reason I learned to walk was because I wanted to dance.

ELEPHANTS are the most loyal creatures. They protect their young together and will never give up - I love that, some humans could take a lesson from them. FRIDAYS are my favourite day of the week. I relax as soon as I get up Friday knowing the weekend is almost here. GRIZZLY BEARS are my very favourite animals. If I got to choose how I wanted to live my next life it would be as a Grizzly. They are gorgeous. HOLIDAYS are what I look forward to to recharge my batteries. Not having to get kids off to school and prepare clothes and lunches is fantastic.

IPHONE my iphone is my new fave toy. Even while Im doing this blog I am fiddling with it as well.

JOHNNY DEPP is my favourite actor, what else can I say - love him. KARMA is one of the words I use the most. I love the fact that people get what they put out. I try to live by that. There is nothing better than someone getting what they deserve whether its good or bad. LOVE is what should make the world go round, I know it doesnt but it should. I dont think there is a stronger emotion than the love you feel for the special people in your life. It makes you feel alive. MUM I love my mum, there is no one in this world who I can count on like her. Wouldnt matter what time or where I was she would be there for me. Everyone deserves a mum like mine. NAN My nan was my favourite person in the whole world, still is really, she passed away in 2003 and I have missed her everyday since.

OCEAN I can sit and watch the ocean for hours, the waves crashing against the shore, so very relaxing. PIZZA Ahhh Pizza, my favourite food, god I love pizza. QUIET Peace and quiet, dont get alot of it but when I do ah I so enjoy it. RILEY AND RYAN, my big guy and my little guy. Riley is a ray of pure sunshine and my pride and joy. Ryan is my soul mate, my bestfriend, the love of my life. The thought of them makes my heart smile. SHANNA, my beautiful daughter, I never knew love until I had her. Emotion so deep you feel like crying. I have watched her grow into a gorgeous young lady with a strong will and big attitude.

TEA I cant start the day without my cup of tea. I drink it all morning, love it. USA I love the states, spent 8 months living there and my only regret is that I didnt see more. I hope to go back one day as a tourist this time and see everything I have dreamt of seeing all my life. VEGEMITE Love my vegemite, specially on toast with lots of butter mmm yum. WEDDINGS are such happy occasions, everyone you love there to share the special day of two people declaring their love for one another. XMAS Watching my kids faces on xmas morning its just the best thing ever. I love getting together with family, chilling out, eating yummy food - awesome.

YOSEMITE One of the most beatiful places on earth, such gorgeous wildlife, quite simply, nature at its best. I hope to see it one day. ZIG ZAG One of our favourite places to go 4wding.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Crocheting is one of my favourite things to do for many reasons. It is relaxing for one and I can lose myself in it and not think about a thing, something I am mostly unable to do. I always have something going round and round in my head - it drives me crazy is the key word.....

This is my latest project - a cosy throw for the lounge....not long to go and it will be finished.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Trip To Kurrajong

In 2008 we took a day trip to Kurrajong, NSW for some 4wding. Following are some pics of the surrounding beauty of the Blue Mountains as well as the kids enjoying themselves. Its so serene, a favourite place that we have been back to numerous times. 
View of Sydney from Lookout....
The camera shy children, NOT

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bet u didnt know

Being a dancer was my first aspiration, being a mum was my second

I suffer depression and anxiety, and will live with it forever

I miss my nan every day since she passed away

My favourite TV show is M*A*S*H

I would love to give up smoking but enjoy it to much

Folsom, California, USA was home for 8 months in 2008

Crocheting is my favourite hobby

I live in my pajamas


I want to see a grizzly bear in the wild

The Angels were the first band I saw live

I hope to 4WD around Australia with my baby

Kaz is not just my bestfriend but my lifeline

I adore Ryan Davis